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Property Management

As managing agents we cover all aspects that are vital to the successful management of your development including: Insurance, Debtor Management, Billing and Collection, Debt Recovery, Financial Reporting, Cleaning, Refuse Management / Recycling, Maintenance, Security, Gardening and Grounds Maintenance, Director Meetings, AGMs, EGMs, Site visits, Emergencies, Account Auditing, Sinking Fund, Service Charges Collections,10 Year Property Maintenance Plan, etc. 

Just Property Ltd. are successful managing agents for both residential and commercial management companies. As managing agents we deliver tailor made services and we work closely with our clients.

  1) Professionalism. JPL are regulated by the Property Service Regulatory Authority and hold a full Property Service Provider licence. We are fully insured and bonded. We have an in depth knowledge and vast experience of various aspects of Property Management including:

  • Apartment Block Management.
  • Multi Unit Development Management.
  • Pension Investment Portfolio Management.
  • Estate Management.

2) Value for money. Our clients, be they individual investors or Owners Management Companies, can be assured of getting the best possible market value for the high standard services we provide.  

3) Always available. We communicate and update all clients regularly. When our clients call, they can expect to hear a familiar voice on the other end of the phone.  You are not placed on hold or connected with a call centre. Our service is 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.  

4) No hidden costs. Unlike other managing agents, our fixed fee includes administration, postage, site visits and emergency call outs.

In conclusion, JPL practices a “hands on” style of management . We pride ourselves on being a pro-active company rather than a reactive one. Furthermore, our team covers a broad spectrum of experience, which is needed when managing anything from a housing estate to a shopping centre. To help you understand our services a little better, please contact our office to make an appointment and we will meet with you for a non-obligatory consultation.

As Rent Receivers, we are authorised to act as the Letting & Property Management Agent on behalf of a Lending Institution. We collect the rental income of a distressed investment property.

As a result of the recent economic downturn, the Irish property market has created a new set of challenges for lenders:

  • Due to the number of non-performing loans Banks face bringing a higher number of repossession cases before the Courts.
  • Following repossession, the Bank may be left with a property that is impossible to sell at a price that will cover the outstanding mortgage.
  • Income generation from the properties may not be maximised as borrowers struggle to come to terms with the challenging environment.
  • The properties themselves may deteriorate and become dilapidated.
  • Therefore, the appointment of Just Property to manage the mortgaged property for the benefit of the lender has become a real alternative to the repossession / sales route.

By outsourcing the management of their property assets to Just Property, Banks can benefit from their expertise in the area of property management, rather than tying up internal resources.
Service includes:

  • Asset protection and enhancement evaluation.
  • Constant management of assets to ensure maximum return for the lender.
  • Computerised program for recording essential approved repairs.
  • Management of tenants to reduce under performing rent levels
    Computerised program for monitoring rent collection and tracking.
  • Private Residential Tenancies Board compliant
    Property Services Regulatory Authority compliant.
    Professional Indemnity Insurance.

There are three crucial compliance factors when providing Managing Agent services to Owners’ Management Companies in Ireland.

  1. Each Managing Agent in Ireland must be registered with the Property Services Regulatory Authority in order to legally provide such service. Just Property Ltd is registered with the PSRA and our staff members possess valid licenses.

  2. Another requirement is the Professional Indemnity Insurance. This is to indemnify the client in case the Managing Agent does something that will have a negative impact on the client. Just Property Ltd is fully insured.

  3. Managing Agent Contract – each Managing Agent needs to operate with a valid contract, which outlines in detail provision of services, compensation and most importantly identifies any conflicts of interest. The contract which we use has been approved by the PSRA and is based on the latest legislation; therefore, giving maximum protection to both the Client and the Agent.

Just Property employ dedicated Block Managers who along with a large support team both in-house and on location, oversee the efficient running of your development. As an investor / owner, it is imperative to know professionals who have extensive expertise in the Block Management area are managing your property.

Professional and effective Block Management protects the fabric of your investment. It ensures those areas held in common with fellow investors, are properly maintained, insured and secured at all times.

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Following guidelines from HSE, we have decided to close our office to members of the public.


Just-Property are implementing these measures in order to ensure the safety and well being of our customers and staff, in light of the new Covid 19 restrictions. Just-property will remain in business and we will be fully contactable by phone and email. Should you have any queries, please see below for our contact details.


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