Just Property are successful managing agents for both
Residential and Commercial management companies.

There are three crucial compliance factors when providing Managing Agent services to Ownersu2019 Management Companies in Ireland.


Each Managing Agent in Irelandu00a0must be registered with the Property Services Regulatory Authorityu00a0in order to legally provide such service. Just Property Ltd is registered with the PSRA and our staff members possess valid licenses.


Another requirement is the Professional Indemnity Insurance. This is to indemnify the client in case the Managing Agent does something that will have a negative impact on the client. Just Property Ltd is fully insured.


Managing Agent Contractu00a0u2013 each Managing Agent needs to operate with a valid contract, which outlines in detail provision of services, compensation and most importantly identifies any conflicts of interest. The contract which we use has been approved by the PSRA and is based on the latest legislation; therefore, giving maximum protection to both the Client and the Agent.

Just Property employ dedicated Block Managers who along with a large support team both in-house and on location, oversee the efficient running of your development. As an investor / owner, it is imperative to know professionals who have extensive expertise in the Block Management area are managing your property.

Professional and effective Block Management protects the fabric of your investment. It ensures those areas held in common with fellow investors, are properly maintained, insured and secured at all times.

As managing agents we cover all aspects that are vital to the successful management of your development including:u00a0


Debtor Management

Billing And Collection

Debt Recovery

Financial Reporting


Refuse Management / Recycling



Gardening And Grounds Maintenance

Director Meetings



Site Visits


Account Auditing

Sinking Fund

Service Charges Collections

10 Year Property Maintenance Plan

Compare Listings



Following guidelines from HSE, we have decided to close our office to members of the public.


Just-Property are implementing these measures in order to ensure the safety and well being of our customers and staff, in light of the new Covid 19 restrictions. Just-property will remain in business and we will be fully contactable by phone and email. Should you have any queries, please see below for our contact details.


Phone: 01-6315255

Emergency: 087-2872284

Email: info@just-property.ie